The Hoodwitch Chronicles

Bruja is brewing in the mind of Bri Luna aka The Hoodwitch. This magical mix of beautiful crystals, sage and freshly manicured stiletto nails gives us Life!!

Her clean and airy website will suck you into a mystical world of enchantment. Leaving you with the feelings of fascination and intrigue.

This black magic woman offers an array of spiritual and transcendental knowledge that will lift you into another realm of consciousness.

Check out her features in Vogue Magazine and Vice


“It started as a fun play on words, but also as a reference to the curanderas and the wise women in the neighborhood botanicas that I grew up in. These wise women were the healers. They were the shoulders to cry on, they could give you a recipe to clear up your colds, bring love into your life, or protect your flower garden.”

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