Artist To Watch: Fluffy Jo

Dania W. Frink is a multidisciplinary artist. She is a painter, digital artist, upcyclist, and animator; merging formal training with self-taught exploration. Frink launched her own business: Fluffy Jo — a creative services studio and lifestyle brand. Her art has shown in 15 exhibitions, including her 2015 debut solo show — W-2 Warriors — in Oakland, CA.

I am inspired by people, beautiful people, resilient people, typography and handwritten notes,bold colors, combining textures, turning trash into treasure

You can read more about Dania W. Frink AKA Fluffy Jo here.


Pictured above is Cheyenne, shown in three of the over 10 available applications, one of the many phenomenal original works of Fluffly Jo. You can purchase Cheyenne here.




We LOVE this piece, you can get Ngozu Saba in an array of applications here.

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