Ode To Old Flames


Harlem Candle Company is burning up the candle scene with its romantic, vintage themed candle collection.

We love this brand and all of its handmade glory. These beautiful candles are a nod to Old Hollywood and reminiscent the glamour of decades past.

Harlem Candle Company was founded in September 2014, by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson and has been featured in the Architectural Digest Design Show.


“Fragrance is like music. It can be soft, bold, high or low. The Harlem Candle Co. understands this and has curated a collection of candles that perfect the top, middle and base fragrance notes that play a perfect melody for any occasion.”


-Harlem Candle Company

You can pick up the “Ellington” luxury candle (large 12 oz) here.


You can shop the rest of the awesome collection here.

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