Furr Real!

Rare is the word of the day. Meet Brian Furr the owner of Furr IP. Brian has dedicated himself to unlocking his creative passion and producing some of the most unique and awe-inspiring guitars you’ve ever seen. Brian can be described as a creative fusion of an entrepreneur, musical artist, craftsman and philanthropist. We’re still awestruck by these breathtaking, hand carved works of art.


A truly one of a kind gift for the guitar enthusiast, some guitars are made of wood that’s over 500 years old. There are very few of these beautiful guitars in existence. You can get yours here.

You can peep this guitar in action in this amazing video clip.


“A handcrafted guitar that stands alone in a room full of other guitars. An instrument that can be never be replicated. Your Furr Guitar is not a product, it’s an experience.”


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